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Our Founder

Mina's Mini Farm was created by the Founder of Shine Bright Foundation, Amina Taulbee.

An actress and public relation graduate, born in Venezuela, Amina moved to Miami when she was just a child.  

Shine Bright Foundation was founded in 2012. Amina, working as an actress at that time had the personal desire to add this life long dream to her 'portfolio'. A 501c3 Nonprofit that provides programs for Individuals with special conditions, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy.

By 2017, after several successful programs were created she came up with the idea of a Stimulation & Interaction Program with animals for the members of her Foundation. 

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'The first farm animal that I have purchased for this program was from a quite decent farm.

But after driving around in search for more animals I found several farms in South Miami that keep their animals in the most horrendous conditions. Places, that make you realize the lack of respect or love that humans have towards animals.' she says.

That was the moment when she decided to combine her Foundation's cause with another great purpose. To rescue animals from slaughterhouses and farms that sell them for religious sacrificing purposes and give them the love and care they need to be able to provide therapy to the members of the Foundation.

To watch her animals grow and warm up to humans again, after being neglected or mistreated for most of their lives, gives her a feeling of gratitude.

As often as possible, when new donated funds allow, Amina arms herself with cages and heads out to the slaughterhouses in hopes of saving another animal's life! Whenever she rescues an animal she feels blessed to take it out of misery, but at the same time very heartbroken to see how many more are left behind.

'I wish I could do much more to help more individuals and rescue more animals!

When I rescue an animal I don't just rescue the animal but I also rescue a human's life. Because seeing the emotional and physical development of the members of the foundation through the interaction and companionship they build with the animals is rewarding.

Every animal was created with a purpose. And I believe that animals are of better use to us humans, when alive.'


'Only through actions we can find Change! - Amina Taulbee

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